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Comedian Richard Herring is going through a mid-life crisis. Depressed and disorientated after having split up with his girlfriend, moved house and been stricken with writer’s block, he resolves to take inspiration from the bust of Hercules that graces the front of his new home and perform twelve impossible or arduous labours in the hope of giving his 37 years on this planet some kind of meaning. Will the small, fat man from Somerset prove that he is a match for the bronzed and toned Roman demi-god? Or, more likely, will he not? In some of his tasks Herring attempts to emulate Hercules: - He travels to Scotland in order to kill the Loch Ness Monster as an homage to Hercules’s prodigious slaying of mythical monsters, such as the Hydra. - He dates 50 women in 50 consecutive nights, as a nod to Hercules most amazing achievement – impregnating as many women in the same time span. - He attempts to steal Germaine Greer’s bra, which is the closest thing in the modern world to the girdle of the Queen of the Amazons. But in other challenges the timid couch potato faces his own worst nightmares: - Overcoming his twin fears of heights and being splattered into the ground at tremendous speed, by learning to parachute. - Enduring the arduous training needed to run the London Marathon. - Completing a tortuous childhood game based on car number-plates, which takes him to the brink of madness, but will possibly reveal the meaning of life itself. Who says there are no more heroes? "More", I hear you cry? Ok then!