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Sacconi String Quartet

Sibelius - Moderato and Allegro appassionato in C sharp minor Nielsen - String Quartet No.1 in G minor, Op.13 Sibelius - String Quartet in D minor, Op. 56, 'Intimate Voices'31' The Sacconi String Quartet performs music by two Scandinavian composers born in 1865. Both quartets in the first half of the programme were composed at the age of 21 when Sibelius and Nielsen were already beginning to achieve public recognition. Sibelius' String Quartet in D minor was composed ten years later, between his Third and Fourth Symphonies. The subtitle 'Intimate Voices' may refer to the conversational nature of the string quartet or to Sibelius' own inner musings at the time of the composition. An exceptional ensemble...a unanimous sense of musical breath and a meticulous attention to detail - Musical Opinion