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Disestablishmentarianism. It’s a long word but someone’s got to do it, and at Lakeside we’re doing it in style with a night of Bad Behaviour in honour of our new exhibition in the Djanogly Art Gallery. Yes, it’s an exhibition. Yes, there will be music. And yes, there will be free beer (until it runs out. Life, sadly, is not like on t' telly. Unless you watch Eastenders - it's just like that). Yes, so, we’ve got a veritable parade of excess, anti-social behaviour, sexual taboos and political subversion. That it is on the gallery walls matters not my friends, for we have the Speakers Push the Air DJs scooting down with bags full of records, intent on making you all dance like mad. Expect a dash of hip-hop and a twist of funk blended with garage rock then poured over cool, crushed electro goodness, with Dolly Parton as the sugar on the rim. Drink it in! Bad Behaviour charts a rebellious streak in contemporary art, focusing on a generation of artists whose mission is to shake up the art world and tear it down from the inside, subverting conventions of art production and presentation. In a broader social context our national and political institutions are the target for anti-establishment sentiment, often in a sly, tongue-in-cheek fashion. Other works epitomise the term bad behaviour, testifying to instances of self-destructive behaviour such as drinking and smoking to excess. So, grab a beer, get dancing and cast your eyes over contemporary British sculpture, installation, photography and video from the 80s to the present day, including work by Fiona Banner, Liam Gillick, Martin Creed, Anya Gallaccio, Tania Kovats, Grayson Perry, and Mark Wallinger.