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The Little Match Girl

Running time: approximately 60 minutes Suitable for 5+ and families A dance theatre adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's much loved story by director/choreographer Arthur Pita, composer Frank Moon and designer Yann Seabra. The Little Match Girl struggles to sell her matches, ignored by passers-by, and rejected by a family to whom she turns for help. Exhausted and cold, she lights her last match to keep herself warm, and in the flame sees a vision of her beloved grandmother on the moon. Her grandmother lets down a ladder, and the girl climbs up, leaving behind her frozen body in the snow. In the epilogue, an astronaut lands on the moon and meets the Match Girl, but on attempting to leave, his rocket does not ignite. The match girl pulls a match and lights the rocket to help the astronaut return to earth. Arthur Pita won the 2008 TMA Award for Achievement in Dance for the production Mischief with Theatre Rites