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The Compleat Female Stage Beauty

The Compleat Female Stage Beauty by Jeffrey Hatcher Presented by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Limited London, 1661. The reign of Charles II, the womanising, dashing, Merry Monarch. After decades of Puritan austerity, crowds flock to playhouses to see the sensation of the age: an actress of exquisite beauty, charm, and talent. Her name is Edward Kynaston. Kynaston ‘Ned’ reigned supreme as the foremost interpreter of female roles, unecplipsed, until a young orange-seller with royal connections set her cap on a stage career and Charles II, with the stroke of a pen, changed the law to allow women to act. Set in the theatres of Restoration London, Mappa Mundi’s latest show is a colourful exploration of the rise of the Actress in British history. Supported by the Welsh Government and the Arts Council of Wales.