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This exhibition is a contemporary tribute to the life and work of Austria’s most prolific and best known post-war writer whose life was cut tragically short at the age of 47. It contains photography, film, video material, and text (including excerpts from her unpublished war diary). Bachmann achieved renown with her first volume of poetry Die Gestundete Zeit (Borrowed Time) in 1953, and was awarded the prestigious prize of the West German literary movement ‘Gruppe 47’, going on to become the most famous young female poet in post-war German literature. It was not until the late 1970’s that her two volumes of short stories published in English as The Thirtieth Year (1961) and Three Paths to the Lake (1972) and her novel Malina (1971) gained international recognition as important contemporary literature. However, for an entire generation of readers it was the posthumously published prose of Todesarten (Ways of Death) which became a point of reference for the criticism of the underlying violence in society and for a new consciousness of the brutality in everyday gender relations. Writing Against War Symposium This exhibition will form the focal point for a University of Nottingham Symposium on writing against war in Ingeborg Bachmann and in German literature since 1945, taking place on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 January. For information about this event please visit or contact Professor Dirk Göttsche, email: Grateful thanks to Professor Hans Höller and Helga Pöcheim, Vienna, who created this exhibition, and to Dr Heinz Bachmann and the Austrian Cultural Forum for their assistance in bringing the exhibition to Nottingham. Special thanks to Professor Dirk Göttsche who brought it to Lakeside’s attention.