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ANA CALI WILL NO LONGER BE APPEARING AS PREVIOUSLY ADVERTISED. SHE IS REPLACED BY LA REPOMPA. Join Grupo Maya and La Repompa for a glorious celebration of flamenco. Andalusia has long been a melting pot for varied musical traditions from across the Mediterranean. Flamenco’s roots are attributed to Arabic and Indian sources, fashioned by Gypsy musicians into songs reflecting their poverty and oppression , later popularised in the cafés cantantes ‘singing cabarets’ of Seville, Cadiz and Malaga. Gifted flamenco guitarist Emilio Maya began his professional career at age 12 and in 1990 began to perform as a solo guitarist and formed his own group. He was influenced by the great Paco de Lucia and Enrique Morente. Emilio Maya and La Repompa will be accompanied by Victor Quero Blaya ‘El Charico’, winner of the Cantes Bajo Andaluces section at this year’s La Unión, Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas, Juan Masana on bass and El Moreno on percussion.