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In Spain the tradition of folk song and dance is still alive and well and Concordia paint a wonderful portrait of 'Golden age' Spain in music with viols, soprano and guitar. Traditons are so alive, in part because the traditional melodies, rhythms and texts are so firmly embedded in the music and poetry of the Spanish golden age: the era of Spain’s greatest political, economic and cultural power, of the voyages of dicovery and conquest, which saw the birth of the Spanish theatre and opera, and which was immortalised in Spain’s literary ‘bible’, Cervantes’ Don Quixote. In the music of the Golden Age, we hear the confidence of a culture both eager to make discoveries and to define its own identity. "Mark Levy’s superb consort has the instensity, joyfulness and relaxation of a virtuoso quartet" London Evening Standard Juan Vásquez (fl c1540-1560) De los Alamos Ginés de Morata (fl 1560) Pues que no te puedo olvidarte Diego Ortiz (c1510-c1570) Four Recercadas Juan del Enzina (1468-1529) Vuestros amores é Francisco Guerrero (1528-1599) Huyd, huyd Francisco Guerau (fl c1690) Pascalles Santiago de Murcia (fl c1690) Los Imposibles Francisco Gutiérrez (fl c1600) Tenga yo salud Antonio de Cabezón (1510-1566) Pavana con su glosa Enríque de Valderrábano (fl c1550) Danza Juan Arañes (d after 1649) La Chacona