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Pockets on Fire is part music-gig and part theatrical dance show based on original already recorded songs. It blends the best of contemporary dance and folk/pop music in bite sized pieces. Perfect for everyone over 7! Pockets on Fire is a photo album of Everyday Life with musical and visual snapshots of the humour, the horror and the awkward bits in between that make daily life the adventure that it is. Cars that always go wrong, love that somehow turns out right, fantastic characters, ordinary families-we’ve all seen it, done it, thought it, been there. The atmosphere will be refreshingly informal so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the chat between the songs or get involved in the interactive section where you, the audience take control and tell the artists how to play and dance! Foot in Hand are a brilliant new Midlands based company of dancers and musicians led by the combined talents of the well known dancer, teacher and choreographer Louise Katerega and Anna Ryder a superb singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist. Foot in Hand are financially supported by Arts Council England East and West Midlands, commission supported by 3D with producing support from Derby Dance Centre and Black Country Touring