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Sunday 20 March, 1.30pm & 3.30pm
Djanogly Theatre

Theatre & Dance
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All Tickets £6

A MAGICAL NEW SHOW FOR CHILDREN AND THE YOUNG AT HEART Come and immerse yourself in a world of boxes. What’s in the box? I cannot tell, there is no clue, no sight, no smell, it makes no sound, no squeak, no rattle - perhaps a herd of silent cattle. How did it arrive? Was it posted or carried or somehow alive, it shuffled and rolled and slid into view, after stowing away on a boat from Peru. And where do you think that box will go next? I’ll keep you updated by premium rate text or email newsletters that arrive everyday, and explain in great detail its long winding way. A wonderful inquisitive dance piece, crammed to the top with fun and intrigue. See boxes doing extraordinary things and have the chance to play amongst a MOUNTAIN of boxes. Choreographed by Lucy Killingley and Sarah Stanton.

“Box…is appealing in its simplicity to both adults and children alike, awakening our imagination and reawakening our wonderment of simple things.” Louise Collinson, Choreographic and Dance Technique Mentor