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Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis, hosts of Radio 4’s the Now Show and Radio 2’s Its Been A Bad Week, are on the road with their first live show since 1792- the famous 'Milkie Milkie Toure of Great Brittaine'. Basically, they decided that if Tony Benn and Postman Pat can do live shows, so can they. So here they are. They may not have Postman Pat’s high-tech stage effects, or Tony Benn’s dance numbers, but they have some microphones, some new material, and a big sign saying "Stage." It’s 140 miles to Heston Services. They’ve got a full tank of gas. It’s dark. And they’re wearing sunglasses. Hit it. P.S. Owing to recording of a new series of My Hero, the part of Hugh Dennis may be played by an actor. P.P.S. Anyone talking in the foyer about how much Steve looks like Eric Idle will be refused admission. P.P.P.S If anyone can remember the punchline of the MacDonald’s sketch, please send it to us. We’ve lost it. P.P.P.P.S Not that we’re going to do it. It’s an all-new show. We’ve just lost it. "most astute, sharpest comedy series of 2002. Their satirical slant on the week’s news has lit up Radio 4, set Radio 2 twinkling and brought comfort to all those who have begun to despair of the folly of politicians and utter gloom of the news." Daily Telegraph "a trademark of quality comedy" The Times