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THIS EVENT TOOK PLACE IN 2010 Directed by Niki McCretton Singing whales, pestering Pirates and a multitude of deep sea creatures swim to the surface in this fantastic aquatic adventure… Across the Deep Blue Sea is the story of a little man who wakes up to find himself bobbing around in a make-shift boat somewhere in the middle of a vast ocean. For you or I that might be disastrous but for him, it’s a breeze! There are plenty of fish to keep him company, he doesn’t have to make phone calls or answer a million e-mails every day and he can sail around to his heart’s content. That is until the storms arrive!!! Inspired by the works of internationally renowned mime artist Nola Rae, French physical comedian Jaques Tati and under-sea explorer Jaques Cousteau, Across the Deep Blue Sea is a theatre journey like no other - comic, touching, slightly surreal and full of inventive mechanical staging!