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THIS EVENT TOOK PLACE IN 2010 '25TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW' LipService, aka Maggie Fox and Sue Ryding, are Holmes and Watson. The intrepid pair investigate a series of mysterious Music Hall murders in The Garibaldi Biscuit Affair, a case as impenetrable as a London pea souper. Gothic horror combines with Victorian Music Hall as this extraordinary mystery unravels. Meet Flying Fernando - Titan of the Trapeze, the Musical Motherless Twins and the Novelty Chicken Act! It is down to the brilliant violin-playing, opium smoking, French knitting detective and his little friend Watson to solve this fiendish crime. Award-winning comedy duo, Maggie Fox and Sue Ryding play an array of characters, moving effortlessly - well, almost - from frock to frock in their unique style. “The glorious,splendidly silly comic duo that is LipService.” The Independent.