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THIS EVENT TOOK PLACE IN 2010 Perrier Award Winner Laura Solon (BBC 1’s Harry and Paul, Al Murray’s Multiple Personality Disorder, Radio 4’s Talking and Not Talking) returns with her brand new multi-character narrative comedy Rabbit Faced Story Soup. So…It’s all gone pear-shaped at Black Publishing. The company’s on the brink of financial collapse and star author Harriet G. Scott has gone AWOL without completing her latest blockbuster. Tepid-shot publisher Diana Lewis is scrambled to find a writer to finish the book and save the company from crisis. Her obstacles include an American Super Agent, a lightly tanned boss, a call centre worker, a diversity officer, The French and a dead rabbit called Ian. It’s like The Wire. But with character comedy. And EVERYTHING from The Wire taken out. 'It's an entertaining and unusual tale, teeming with vivid characters. Its script is densely populated with acerbic one-liners: Solon has retained her facility for articulate defamation.' The Guardian