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Saturday 30 May, 10am - 4pm
Visual Arts Studio

Theatre & Dance
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£25 Concession

THIS EXHIBITION TOOK PLACE IN 2009 For ages 18 and over Joan Fontcuberta’s ‘Googlegrams’ play a humorous, subversive and at times challenging game of juxtaposition, recreating well know iconic photographs as a mosaic of hundreds of small thumbnail images sourced from Google’s image search engine. The resulting meaning is derived from the relationship between the larger single picture and the multitude of small images from which it is created and this contrasting relationship is always striking, often subversive and occasionally disturbing. Replicating Fontcuberta’s process in his “Googlegrams”, you will download images from the internet using mosaic software to create your own “googlegram” with photographer Andrew Robinson. This workshop begins with a gallery talk by Andrew introducing Fontcuberta’s ‘Googlegrams’ and placing them in the context of his other work. Participants will then have the opportunity to use his techniques to create and print experimental ‘Googlegrams’ from their own images. Emphasis will be placed on creative experimentation and the meaningful and humorous juxtaposition of images. Participants may wish to bring an important personal image (ideally a portrait or a strong graphic image) either as a digital file or a print to use as their source image. Simple digital cameras will be provided, however participants may bring and use their own if they wish. Places for all workshops should be booked in advance on 0115 846 7777. In the unlikely event that the above workshop is under subscribed, Lakeside reserves the right to cancel four working days in advance and bookers will be notified and refunded.