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Thursday 16 October, 8pm
Djanogly Theatre

Theatre & Dance
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THIS PERFORMANCE TOOK PLACE IN 2008 RUNNING TIME: 85 MINS Directed by Udita Chakraborty Party is a multilingual play centred around the state-sponsored genocide in a remote village of Orissa in eastern India. Leading socialite, Indira Sinha throws a party to honour novelist, Dibakar Banerjee, who has been praised for his recent work. Many well known personalities have been invited to the party. As the evening matures the mask of sophistication falls off their faces to reveal their true colours, exposing their callousness towards those people who still comprise 80% of India’s population. A night of dramatic encounters and contradictions occur, culminating in the death of Amrit, a talented and aspiring young poet. Party is about power play, one-up-manship, sex, nepotism and the so-called elite. It explores our society, where some people have shunned all comforts of life for social cause, juxtaposed against those who can’t break free from their self-created shackles and snobbery. Interwoven with live recitations of contemporary Indian poems and Hindustani classical music - sarod, thumri and ghazal. Language - English interspersed with Hindi & Bengali