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Sunday 06 April, 12.30pm & 3.30pm
Djanogly Theatre

Theatre & Dance
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All Tickets £6

THIS PERFORMANCE TOOK PLACE IN 2008 A new adaptation written and directed by Russ Tunney. The sun sets on a beautiful beach in Crete. A man rises from the sun kissed ocean with a three-headed dog slung over his shoulders. This handsome, tanned, muscular, slightly stupid, occasionally insane man is…Hercules the Monster Slayer. Follow the world’s first celebrity strong man as he does battle with bulls, boars and the terrifying many-headed Hydra, gets his hands dirty in the stables of Augeas, and outwits the man who quite literally has the world on his shoulders! A cast of three tumble from part to part- and species to species- to bring the Greek legend to life. Suitable for ages 5+