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Travelling Exhibitions

The University of Nottingham Museum is able to support teachers and their pupils across a range of topics and Key Stages.

Travelling Exhibitions

Why leave the classroom when a mini-museum can visit you?

The University of Nottingham Museum’s travelling exhibitions are housed in genuine antique travelling trunks that are fascinating artefacts in themselves. The resources are treasure troves full of artefacts, replicas, costumes, games and activities based on local historic sites.

Developed in consultation with teachers, pupils, academics, archaeologists and museum education specialists, our travelling exhibitions have been designed to stimulate children’s cross-curricular learning. They are a fantastic resource to bring history alive in the classroom.

Suggested topics for exploration include areas such as food and drink, domestic life, worship, warfare and crafts, and can be found in our teachers’ packs linked below.


Looking for Doggerland (Prehistory)

This travelling exhibition has been based on finds from Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire. It contains replica material and costumes from the Palaeolithic era, Mesolithic era, Neolithic era, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Pupils are encouraged to step back in time, ‘looking for Doggerland’ (the area of land joining Britain to Continental Europe in Prehistory) as they explore each layer of the box.

See the Teachers' Pack

In Search of Margidunum (Romans)

This travelling exhibition is based on the local Roman site of Margidunum, now underneath the A46 near Bingham. It contains real archaeological material as well as replicas, costumes, games and activities.

See the Teachers' Pack

Finding the Saxons of Willoughby (Anglo-Saxons)

This travelling exhibition has been based on finds from the Anglo-Saxon cemetery of Broughton Lodge, near Willoughby-on-the-Wolds. It includes replicas, costumes and other activities.

See the Teachers' Pack

Hiring a Travelling Exhibition

Our travelling exhibitions arrive in your school with a Learning Facilitator and trained student volunteers who spend a day exploring the contents with your pupils (up to four classes). The resources then remain in your school for up to two weeks, allowing you to use them as many times as you like.

Cost for one week’s hire: £200

Cost for two weeks’ hire: £300

Please contact Michelle Johnson, Museum Administrator, on 0115 748 4950 or to place a booking.