Nottingham Lakeside Arts: Arts in the Community Module

Assessment: Presentation and reflective diary
The assessment format is as follows:

A Presentation

  • This is flexible in its form (can be a scrapbook, PowerPoint or just led discussion) where the participant should display knowledge of Nottingham Lakeside Arts (its purpose, why it was set up, other Community initiatives within the organization), as well as provide a worked through project they have undertaken as part of their work/volunteering

A Reflective Diary

  • This is a simple document reflecting upon the skills they have developed during their placement, and should be submitted to the convenor to be assessed. The main focus here is on transferable employ ability skills.

For example Youth Theatre Assistant:

1) Presentation would be on the unit for work (in my case would be the Imagined Town project/performance)

  • What goals to NLA hope to achieve? How does my role fit into those?
  • Where did we get the inspiration for the youth theatre project?
  • What are the group like?
  • Have I made any progression
  • Worries and concerned logged?
  • Meetings with tutor to address these and reflected upon?
  • What was the end product?
  • Feedback

2) Reflective Log
Whilst it does stipulate it must be completed over two terms, it is down to the discretion of the module convenor as to when the assessment will take place, and so if you feel it appropriate that all the hour requirements/work load can be completed by the participant within the time they have during the term, you are able to approve their involvement.

For further information please contact Jodie Clifford, Learning Assistant: