For Teachers

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Lakeside runs Teacher Consultation Events, CPD training and workshops for Early Years and Secondary Teachers directly linked to our programme across the Visual Arts, Performing Arts and in the Museum.  To be sure you know about our next event, please email your details to Louise Kay, Learning Assistant: louise.kay@nottingham.ac.uk or 0115 846 7185.

Teacher Consultations

These informal evenings present an opportunity for teachers to come together, meet Lakeside's Learning Team and Programming team, to share ideas and plans, create networks between schools, and hear first-hand about new productions and exhibitions in the Gallery and Museum.

CPD Drama for Secondary Teachers

Lakeside runs professional development courses for teachers exploring different aspects of teaching drama, making theatre in school, and achieving personal impact in the classroom. Led by expert theatre practitioners who understand the particular demands of working in schools, you will learn professional approaches tailored for use in class.

CPD Drama for Early Years Teachers

Use storytelling to unlock literacy through creativity, in half-day or twilight sessions tailored to the needs of your schools’ staff and/or parents.

All Workshops aim to enhance

  • A Unique Child – developing individual physical, cognitive, personal, social, linguistic and emotional skills.
  • Positive Relationships – with parents, careers, peers through communication and respect for one another.
  • Enabling environments – providing a safe environment for them to learn.
  • Learning and Development: language & literacy, play & exploration, creative & critical thinking, active learning & engaging, problem solving, reasoning, asking questions, increased knowledge & understanding and enjoying & achieving.

Resources for teachers

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Museum CPD Sessions

The National Curriculum has undergone one of the biggest changes in 20 years, and one of the subject areas which has been significantly impacted is the History curriculum. Many teachers understandably feel the need for extra support when introducing new topics such as Prehistory to their young pupils. The museum can help in providing support, and is offering special inset days throughout the year for teachers wishing to improve or consolidate their knowledge in the following subject areas:

  • Prehistory - Stone Age, Bronze Age & Iron Age
  • Romans
  • Anglo-Saxons
  • Medieval Period

These sessions will include introductions to the topic, handling and examining genuine artefacts, ideas and tips to make the subject more accessible and teachable, and activities designed to highlight potential teaching challenges and ways to overcome them.

For more information, contact Michelle Johnson at michelle.johnson@nottingham.ac.uk or on 0115 748 6264 or download the information leaflet here.