Fairytale competition 2018

The Secret

Winner of Lakeside's fairytale writing competition 2018

Written by Adelle, aged 9

Once upon a time there was a girl just a normal little girl (she thought). She always wore a lucky pendant given to her by her grandmother. One day whilst playing in the woods she found a small wooden box. She opened it and saw an unusually large key. She decided to keep the box and wondered why it was there. Then she spotted a butterfly and chased it. It led her to a tree and flew through an unusually large keyhole. Then she remembered the key. She and tried it in the lock. It opened a hidden door.

She found herself confronted by a flight of stairs. She went through a door at the bottom of the stairs and entered a dark room illuminated by little colorful glowing lights. Suddenly the door shut and locked behind her. Trapped and scared she didn’t know what to do. Then magically one of the glowing lights transformed into a blue fairy. The fairy said, “hello you must be the child chosen to save us from the evil witch and wizard who banished us to these darklands.”

“But why me?” asked the girl. “Our queen saw great power and magic in you” said the fairy. ” Me!” the girl thought. “All will be revealed when you meet our queen. Just place your pendant there and it will open a trapdoor into our queen’s cavern” said the fairy pointing to a hole. The girl thought “my grandmother told me stories about fairies and this pendant being magical, but I always thought it was fiction.”

She went through the trapdoor and was amazed by the majestic golden fairy queen who said, “Have you come bearing the stone of magical color?”.

“Do you mean this?” said the girl showing the fairy queen her glass pendant. “Yes” said the fairy queen “but to harness its power you must go to the land of colour. For centuries it’s been ruled by the evil witch and wizard. To get there first youNmust enter the in between realm where you live. Then follow this map to the realm of colour. Next go to my palace via a hidden passage under a giant mushroom...” “Yes” she said. “Before you go I must transform you into a fairy but beware you only have 12 hours as a fairy so hurry!

She followed the fairy queen’s instructions and went on a treacherous journey. Exhausted and tired she reached the palace with only 3 hours left. She went directly to the throne room where she placed the magic stone in the pedestal of colour. Its powers were activated by the sun’s rays. Then she left the palace and lifted the spell by directing the power of the stone on the darklands door. It opened. Then all the fairies came to her aid and together they focused their powers on the evil witch and wizard and defeated them with great difficultly. The battle lasted 2 hours. They celebrated by holding the festival of colour which they celebrate to this day.

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