Fairytale Competition Runners-Up

15 Minutes Before Lunchtime

by Oliver, aged 6

Once upon a time there was a boy called Lincoln Cathedral. He was happy, nice and jolly but one day he broke his mother’s heart… her gold heart necklace. It meant so much to her. When it broke there was a huge explosion. Lincoln thought it was gone forever. He felt awful. He went to his room. He looked at the picture of his Great Uncle Frank and said ‘what should I do?’ Suddenly, the picture started talking! Great Uncle Frank said ‘Lincoln, you must go on a quest to find your mother’s broken heart pieces. ‘But it’s 15 minutes before lunchtime, how do I get there?’ Uncle Frank said, ‘close your eyes and hold onto my picture’. Everything went dark and Lincoln got sucked into the picture.

The next thing he was in the sky flying down to another county. Where am I he thought? Then he noticed the Chinese houses. ‘Hello Lincoln, I came to warn you there’s a Chinese dragon parade but the dragon has turned into a real dragon!’ It’s Aunty Ying Yoo! Suddenly, the Chinese dragon whooshed past and tried to breath fire but the only thing that came out of his mouth was gold…. It was a piece of the necklace! Lincoln grabbed it, jumped on the back of the dragon and rode through the air. Then all the sky disappeared and he started spinning around and into a black hole.

The dragon started to fade away and Lincoln fell to the ground. He landed in a beach hut and saw Uncle Anorak. ‘Hungry?’, Uncle Anorak said. Lincoln said, ‘sure’. They walked to a restaurant and ordered noodles. As Lincoln was eating he pulled out something gold – it was another part of his mother’s necklace. He picked it up. Suddenly noodles started flying everywhere and Lincoln found himself flying again.

Before he knew it he was splashing in the cold water of the Pacific Ocean. Luckily Auntie Holly was surfing next to him and scooped him up. ‘G’day Lincoln, what are you doing here?’ she said. Lincoln explained all about the broken heart. As he was talking a kangaroo hopped onto the beach. Lincoln, noticed that there was gold in the kangaroo’s pouch. He reached in to grab it. ‘Jump on, Lincoln’, Auntie Holly said. Lincoln jumped on the kangaroo’s back and they jumped high into the sky. Lincoln got sucked into a cloud.

The next thing he landed with a bump back in his house. He put all the pieces of the heart on the table and as he touched them they magically stuck back together. ‘Phew!’. Just then Lincoln’s mum walked into the room. She picked up the necklace and put it on. There was lightening in her eyes and in a flash of light she became a superhero, with a pink and blue costume. ‘Oh, where did you find my magic necklace?’, she said. ‘Now it’s time to fight crime again’. With that she zoomed out of the room. 


The Fairyland Adventure

by Annabel, aged 5

There were two sisters, both of their names were Sunshine, from the colour of the sun.

One day, a pony asked the little Sunshine to go to the fairyland with her. 

The big Sunshine said, ‘Bye-bye, have a good time!'

The little Sunshine said, ‘Thank you!’

And they went.

When they arrived, the pony led the little Sunshine to a fairy.

The fairy showed her the magic tree. The fairy dust from the magic tree turned the little Sunshine into a fairy!

The fairy led the new little Sunshine fairy to a fun fayre.

They went on the roller coaster first. They both loved it.

Next the fairy let the little Sunshine fairy go. So she went on the ferris wheel on her own.

After that, the little Sunshine fairy saw the fairy house where all the fairies lived. The house could fly! She decided not going back to live with the big Sunshine. She chose to be a fairy living in the fairy house.

The big Sunshine came to visit the little Sunshine fairy every day. The magic tree made her a pair of wings too. They played happily at fairyland all the time.

The end.


Monkey Chaos

by Demi, aged 9

Once upon a time, there were two monkeys swinging in a tree. It wasn’t any normal tree. It was a juicy mango tree! The mangos on the tree were so ripe they were ready to fall off.

One of the monkeys said ‘Race you around the forest!’ and that is what they did. Round and round the forest they went, swinging from branch to branch. On the fifth lap, when they were half way round, one of the monkeys pulled a fake mango and accidentally summoned a corrupt, selfish and rather red, devilish monkey. This evil monkey demanded all their food, threatening to terrorise the city.

This monkey had red, terrifying horns that were so mad they looked as if they were about to pop out of its head. He was also carrying a sharp, red trident. Suddenly, one of the other, very brave monkeys kicked him in the face on purpose and as quick as a flash he was gone.

The two monkeys carried on racing back to their home in a mango tree.

The End