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Viking Stories - Leicester

The Thurcaston Hoard was found at Thurcaston, outside of Leicester. The coins are dated to around the time that Lady Æthelflæd of Mercia brought an army to Leicester to bring the town back into Mercian control and out from under the Danelaw. The following is a fictional account of how this event could have influenced the burial of the Thurcaston Hoard.

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Viking Stories - Torksey & Repton

What would come to be known as the Great Heathen Army – an army of approximately 2000 Vikings – camped first at Torksey, and then at Repton. Throughout the winter of 872 – 873 CE, Torksey became home to the Viking invaders. By the following winter, the army had moved south, sailing their longships down the River Trent to Repton, where they over-wintered until spring in 874 CE. The evidence of their encampments leaves tantalising clues as to who they were and what they did. The following is a fictional account of what life might have been like within the Great Heathen Army.

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