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FILM: A New Prehistory

Saint Thomas Productions, Arte France and Rare Media present:
Saturdays from 15 July to 9 September, 11.15am & 2.30pm
Sundays from 9 July to 10 September, 2.30pm
Monday 10 and Thursday 13 July, and Tuesday 12 September, 11.15am
Lecture Theatre
Admission Free

Duration: 50 minutes | Suitable for 10+

The world of palaeontology is currently experiencing a golden age: more fossil species have been unearthed in the past decade than in the two hundred years since this science first emerged. Thanks to new technologies combining genetics, ethology, geology and even particle physics, palaeontologists can now recreate some of the missing branches from the tree of life. Assumptions have been shattered and all the rules are changing. 

Now, palaeontologists can finally answer the question: where do birds come from?
With photo-realistic Computer Graphic Images and interviews with some of the world’s leading palaeontologists, this documentary film presents the latest scientific theories on how and why dinosaurs became feathered – and how they ultimately evolved into the birds we see today.