University Music

Music students at The University of Nottingham have many opportunities to engage with Lakeside's professional programme. There are numerous ways in which you can support this creative engagement, for example:

  • £500 will enable the delivery of a masterclass with a visiting professional musician with University students and/or School students
  • £1000 will support a performance by a visiting music ensemble, theatre or dance company

If you would like to make a donation to university music, please contact Catherine Hocking:

Workshops: Master classes with musicians visiting the University to perform in the Lakeside professional concert series are open to all University students to participate in as performers or observers. We would like to increase the number of workshops offered by visiting artists but we rely on private donations to fund these opportunities. Please contact us if you would like to offer support for master classes:

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The Summer Symphony in the Park concert in 2013 was generously funded through Cascade

Feedback from Students to Summer Symphony in the Park 16 June 2013:

I played in the Summer Symphony and just wanted to let you know that it was such a brilliant idea! It was a good time of year, giving students like me something worthwhile to fill the post-exam time with. All of us loved the day and the programme choice was really good fun, and for the audience too! I felt it was good in drawing in the general public for a lovely day of popular music.
Thanks for organising it!

Laura Elliott, Medicine

Hello! I just wanted to say a huge well done for today, it was amazing! I had such a good time, and it was one of the best experiences I've had at the university. I'm really looking forward to working with you both next year.
Well done again

Stephenie Jenkins, Music, Arts Administration Trainee 2013/14

I thought the whole thing [Summer Symphony in the Park] was fantastic. Playing to that many people who were so appreciative, in that setting on the stage gave everyone an excitement that I can only compare to the buzz about the Mahler 2 performance. Also, working with Xeufei Yang was something I don't think anyone in the orchestra will forget! The event worked so smoothly and was such a joy to be a part of… it was a huge success, those in the audience I talked to thoroughly enjoyed it.
I personally hope that it was worthwhile, and I hope it happens again!

Sam Blade, Music