Internships Fund

It’s never easy to get a foothold on the arts administration career ladder, but in 2013-14 thanks to external funding through the University's Careers & Employability department, we were able to introduce a new programme which has since enabled ten University of Nottingham graduates to kick-start their careers in cultural and creative industries sectors. We’re enormously proud of our Lakeside Alumnae including Tom Barnes who continues to run his theatre company 2Magpies and is now Co-Director of Lyth Arts Centre in Scotland; Nick Stevenson is Assistant Producer at Theatr Clwyd but has also established a theatre company working in rural Lancashire; Ellie Cawthorne is a Producer and presenter working with BBC Radio 4; and Josie Crooks works in Marketing at Nottingham Playhouse.

We’d like to continue and to extend this programme to benefit even more University of Nottingham Graduates with the creation of Galleries Learning, Museum Learning and Music Programming Internships in future. To support a 9 month, full-time internship opportunity costs £10,000 per annum.

If you would like to help us do this, and to provide an effective platform from which these future arts and cultural careers can be launched, please contact or phone 0115 846 7123.