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Food Tales: The Angry Chef

Anthony Warner

​Food impacts our lives. We all have stories to share about food. These stories are embedded within food systems, drawing on agricultural histories, food science and engineering innovations, soil, plant and animal sciences, and our cultures, traditions, and ethics (even if we don’t realise it). The Future Food Beacon is pleased to organise Food Tales, a series of talks designed to help you think about global food systems in a changing world.

While the food world was exploding with celebrity chefs, artisan foods, blogs, and food media, Anthony Warner was working in professional kitchens. But the increasing claims linking food and health, made by people without qualifications, started to grate at his conscious. They started to make him irate. And so The Angry Chef blog was born. Anthony is the author of The Truth About Fat and The Angry Chef, a Guardian Best Food Book of the Year and winner in the Health and Lifestyle category at the inaugural Hearst Big Book Awards. He writes regularly for publications including New Scientist, Men’s Health, The Sunday Times and the Daily Telegraph.

1 hour
Suitable for ages 14+