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Half Term Fun in the Museum

Free Drop-In Sessions in the Museum for children and families during half term.

Tuesday 14 February
St Valentine's Day originated in the medieval period - come and make your own special card or decoration based on patterns from our beautiful medieval tiles.

Wednesday 15 February
The Romans celebrated the festival of Caristia in February by throwing huge banquets. Come to the Learning Studio and sample some Roman food at our very own banquet including goats' cheese, figs, olives, anchovies, honey and Roman bread. Make a Roman wreath to take home and wear.

Thursday 16 February
Did you know that prehistoric people used to make jewellery out of seashells? Come and make your own prehistoric necklace or wristband.

Friday 17 February
The Anglo-Saxons called the month of February 'Solmonaþ' which probably means 'the muddy month'. Come and make an Anglo-Saxon pot out of clay (not mud!)...they make great pencil holders.