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Archaeology NOW: Finding Atlantis - Fully Booked

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One of marine archaeology’s most enduring mysteries remains Atlantis. Over 25,000 books have been written about the civilisation which flourished on Atlantis while explorers have searched for the remains of this fabled sunken continent everywhere from Land’s End to Bolivia. All to no avail – this mythical sunken continent has never been located. But what is the archaeological reality of sunken submerged cities and submerged landscapes? In this lecture Dr Jon Henderson will describe his work on sunken cities throughout the world including the survey of the oldest submerged town so far identified – Pavlopetri off the coast of Greece. Could these spectacular sunken sites have inspired the Atlantis myth? As will be revealed there is little in fiction more incredible than the reality of the human past.

Dr Jon Henderson, Underwater Archaeology Research Centre, Department of Archaeology, University of Nottingham