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Archaeology Now: Antonine Wall - Fully Booked

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A series of FREE talks and handling sessions that focuses on current archaeological work. These talks allow professional archaeologists, related specialists and community groups to share their exciting work with us as it is happening and include regional, national and international projects.

Wednesday 17 February 2016
Spannong from the Forth to the CLyde estuaries, the Antonine Wall lasted less than two decades of the mid-second centuary AD; within a Roman soldier's period of active service. Roman Britain's other wall has left a more modest impact on the landscape than Hadrian's more southerly frontier, but its short-lives military life on the edge of empire. Richard Abdy has studied the coin finds of the wall: in the context of the other forms of evidence for the monument's construction and operation they provide an insight to how money was supplies and used on a daily basis in frontier forts. 
Richard Abdy, Curator of Roman Coins, Coins and Medals Department, British Museum.
This talk will be followed by a handling session and a discussion with the speaker in the Museum.
To book call the Box Office on 0115 846 7777