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People today have high expectations of long and healthy lives. This was not the case in previous centuries. The uncertainties which faced people through disease and poor medical services are clearly demonstrated in the University’s collections of family archives, hospital records, and early medical text books. The exhibition illustrates both scientific progress, such as Jenner’s development of inoculation as a preventative for smallpox, and the private experience of individuals and families as they sought remedies for illness. It draws on the historic records of the Nottingham General Hospital to show how nursing and health care was delivered locally. LUNCHTIME TALKS Admission free Performing Arts Workshop 1-2pm Wednesday 25 April Ailments and Remedies Wednesday 16 May Memories of a Nurse Wednesday 20 June Infant Mortality Wednesday 18 July The People's Hospital: The History of Nottingham City Hospital For more information on Lunchtime Talks or to book please call the Box Office on 0115 846 7777.