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The opening exhibition of the autumn season features recent work by two of this country’s leading landscape photographers.
Jem Southam works at specifically selected sites that he returns to repeatedly over several months or years, recording the effects of natural processes and human intervention on the environment.
For the past seven years he has been photographing a man-made pond at Upton Pyne in Devon documenting the changes wrought by local people in their attempt to reclaim and transform the locality. Their aspirations and contrasting visions for the area have correspondences with our wider response to the environment. Closer in spirit to nineteenth-century painting than to the dispassionate stance adopted by much contemporary landscape photography, Robert Davies explores the emotive and rich painterly qualities of his medium and the subjective landscape. Romanticism is very much the key to his work and he makes no apologies for it. In images redolent of Turner and Whistler, he searches for a poetic response to his subject in an attempt to reconnect us to the physical world around us, a connection that our obsession with urban living has damaged.
Jem Southam and Robert Davies are represented by Hirschl Contemporary Art, London. www.hirschlcontemporaryart.co.uk