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Using the technique of the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan - pioneered and developed at The University of Nottingham - Marilène Oliver uses medical technology to reinvent the portrait.
In Family Portrait, transverse scans of each of her family members have been reassembled to create life-size three-dimensional images trapped and immortalised in their perspex cases. Medical imaging which fragments and dislocates the body is here poetically subverted to restore the subject to a shadowy and vulnerable wholeness.
The artist also explores the impact of information and communication technology on the individual and our notion of private space; in Text Me her body is shot through with a thicket of signals whilst her Ophelia literally drowns in a torrent of words.
Organised with the support of Beaux Arts, London. With special thanks to Paul Morgan and Andy Cooper of Queen’s Medical Centre, University of Nottingham, for the MRI scans used in Family Portrait. Musician and composer, Max Richter has been invited to create a sound response to this fantastic sculptural exhibition. Max will be in residence at Lakeside during August creating a series of short pieces inspired by Marilene's work.