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Cultures of Cloth in the Medieval East Midlands

Thursday 16 September - Sunday 20 February
University of Nottingham Museum


Admission free

Thursday-Sunday: 12noon-4pm  
Closed Monday-Wednesday

Textiles were the most important manufactured product in the medieval world and this exhibition looks at the archaeology of medieval cloth production and consumption.

The midlands were a major centre for sheep farming and cloth making, which we can see in the remains of deserted medieval settlements and through spinning and weaving tools. English woollen cloth and imported luxury linens and silks were valuable commodities and were used by medieval people to display their wealth and status through their use in clothing and furnishings. Together, the objects in this exhibition show how textiles drew together networks of farmers, craftspeople and merchants across the medieval world and wove together the fabric of medieval life.

The exhibition is curated by Dr Chris King (Department of Classics and Archaeology) and brings together collections from across the east midlands.

Image courtesy of Nottingham Museums and Galleries Service