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Colour and The Intangible


Friday 14 November - Sunday 18 January, Open All Day
Djanogly Gallery

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Admission Free

THIS EXHIBITION TOOK PLACE IN 2008 Figuring Light brings together four artists Duncan Bullen, Jane Bustin, Rebecca Partridge, and Richard Kenton Webb - who are each making a distinctive contribution to the study of colour. Looking beyond the physical, optical, psychological, or philosophical properties of colour, their works consider its continuing mystery. Like the refracted colours of the prism they point to the insubstantial and invisible, giving physical form and expression to that which lies beyond the boundaries of sensory perception. The mysterious forms of Richard Kenton Webb’s intense paintings and delicate plaster sculptures suggest the distinctive quality and ‘movement’ he associates with the colour red, whilst Rebecca Partridge’s dynamic canvases offer an intensely coloured realisation of an inner synaesthetic experience. In contrast the quiet intensity of Duncan Bullen’s drawings and Jane Bustin’s paintings draws the viewer in to be mesmerised by their luminous atmospheres. These works propose new ways of seeing the world and understanding reality, allowing colour to be a figuring of light; a representation of the intangible. Figuring Light has been curated for the Djanogly Art Gallery by Dr. Richard Davey, Visiting Fellow School of Art and Design, Nottingham Trent University LECTURES THURSDAY 13 NOVEMBER 6.30-7.30PM (FOLLOWED BY PRIVATE VIEW) DJANOGLY ART GALLERY LECTURE THEATRE ADMISSION FREE An illustrated introduction to Figuring Light by the exhibition’s curator Dr. Richard Davey WEDNESDAY 14 JANUARY 6.30-7.30PM DJANOGLY ART GALLERY LECTURE THEATRE ADMISSION FREE An opportunity to meet the artists featured in Figuring Light in a round table discussion introduced and chaired by Richard Davey. GALLERY TALK THURSDAY 4 DECEMBER 1-2PM DJANOGLY ART GALLERY ADMISSION FREE A guided tour of the exhibition with Dr. Richard Davey All the lectures and talks are free but space is limited so please book in advance