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Movies at the Museum: When the Raven Flies

(1984) Cert 15, 109 mins

Saturday 20 January, 6pm-8pm
University of Nottingham Museum
£5 adults, £3 under 18s and concessions

Come and enjoy a true Viking experience and lose yourself in this Icelandic-Swedish adventure film. As Vikings pillage Ireland, a young boy’s parents are murdered while he himself is spared. 20 years later, the boy returns to Iceland to take his revenge on the killers, the Norwegian foster brothers Thord and Eirik. Featuring English subtitles, the language of this atmospheric film is Icelandic, a language closely resembling its ancestor Old Norse which was spoken by the Vikings. The screening will begin with an introduction to the film by Roderick Dale, an archaeologist and expert in Scandinavian history.