University Philharmonia

24 October 2016

Jonathan Tilbrook Conductor

Mozart The Marriage of Figaro
Judith Weir Tiger Under the Table
Ives The Unsanswered Question
Mahler Symphony No.4

Questions of existence and the meaning of life percolate through this programme performed by the University Philharmonia. In Charles Ives' The Unanswered Question, a solo trumpet poses, 'the perennial question of existence' setting up dialogue between the woodwinds and strings. Judith Weir's Tiger Under the Table explores the dramatic possibilities of various instrumental combinations each playing disparate musical material underpinned by the energetic bassoon (the 'Tiger' of the title). Mahler's Fourth Symphony incorporates a song set to a text from Des Knaben Wunderhorn which represents in its simplicity and joy, a child's vision of heaven.