Binchois Consort

Eloquence in Sound and Stone: Nottingham Alabasters and English Music, 1400-1520

This exciting concert will present a second stage of the developing Alabasters Project, featuring a new and thought-provoking fusion of sound and image. Nottingham Alabasters and English music of the fifteenth century will be shown together, grouped around a series of chosen subjects and themes. Our purpose is to intensify the experience of each art, through the simultaneous presence of the other. We shall be performing music by the great English figures of the fifteenth century, including Dunstable, Power and Frye, and some interesting new pieces specially transcribed and never before heard in a concert setting.

Our chosen themes will include music and images for the Virgin Mary and for John the Baptist, and will embrace a vivid range of musical forms and styles. There will be a live workshop event with singers in the afternoon, in the Djanogly Recital Hall: an informative, illustrative poster display in the Music Department Foyer and a short pre-concert talk before the show.