Lakeside Arts



Art Investigator

If you are aged 7 – 12 years, you can borrow an Art Investigator bag in the Djanogly Art Gallery to help you look at the exhibitions for free! The bag includes an activity sheet with questions about the exhibition as well as an etch-a-sketch, a magnifying glass, some rubber stamps, paper, scissors and pencils to help you look at and investigate the exhibition further.

Outdoor Lakeside Investigator

The new Outdoor Lakeside Investigator bags are full of things to help you explore and identify the wild side of Highfields Park. Complete the seasonal missions to claim your rewards from Mission Control! Art Investigators check into the Djanogly Art Gallery desk and Outdoor sleuths report to the Box Office for more information.

Travelling Exhibitions

'Everyday Life in Margidunum' is a travelling exhibition based on the local Roman site of Margidunum (at Bingham in Nottinghamshire), and includes original artefacts as well as replicas of objects in the Museum. It contains suggestions for activities suitable for Years 1-7, and for children with special needs.


Online resources from Manuscripts and Special Collections

'Schools Resources' currently offer two themes which focus on Key Stage 3 and GCSE. They contain suggested lesson plans based around studying full-size digital images of original documents.

'Research Guidance' provides images, information and quizzes about original sources and key skills, including the use of archives, historic dating systems, and pre-metric weights and measures.

The resources can be downloaded from the University’s manuscripts and special collections web pages for use on whiteboards, and for printing. They were created in collaboration with staff at the School of Education at The University of Nottingham.


Teachers’ Packs for Theatre Performances

Many of our visiting companies provide education packs to accompany their touring shows. They contain background information and ideas for classroom activities to complement your visit to Lakeside. We also produce our own packs. You can download our most recent packs from our website.