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Lakeside has a diverse performing and visual arts programme, embracing both traditional and contemporary work, on a single site close to the centre of Nottingham. The learning programme presents students with excellent opportunities to interact with high-quality artistic practice.



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Creative Learning Workshops for Primary Schools

Creative Learning Workshops for Secondary Schools

For more information about the workshops, please contact Ruth Lewis-Jones, Learning Officer (Galleries) at or on 0115 823 2218.  To book, please contact Emily Dawkes on 0115 846 7185


The Learning Team

Lakeside’s Learning Team aims to extend and enhance our work in the community and in formal education. The Team collaborates with Lakeside’s programming staff, as well as staff in the University’s Manuscripts and Special Collections department, to integrate the service within the programme as a whole.

What can we do for you?

The Learning Team at Lakeside works closely with schools and colleges devising activities in collaboration with teachers and other practitioners. We are always interested to hear your ideas and feedback so please get in touch, attend our consultation events, or meet us for an informal discussion. We encourage you talk to us and visit before organising a self-guided class visit.

Image: Write Here workshop in the Djanogly Art Gallery during the 'Dust on the Mirror' exhibition.




Feedback from Seely Infant and Nursery School:

Year 2 Trip

‘We were delighted to be able to give our children the opportunity to see a magnificent collection of Lowry's paintings and drawings at first hand. Children have been responding with enthusiasm when they see pictures of paintings in books which were there at the exhibition!’ Bev Rolley - Y2 teacher
An interpretation of the Lowry portraits

‘The Lowry exhibition provided opportunities for enriching the children's understanding of vocabulary through discussion and reflection. Children developed an awareness of history and how art captures the moment. They learnt about life during the early twentieth century and how society has changed but most importantly of all, they had fun.’ Anona Morley – Deputy Head

‘Many of our children and parent helpers had never been to Lakeside before so I was pleased to introduce them to the wonderful facilities. We had a very full day doing activities in the gallery, walking round the lake, visiting the theatre and doing drama activities linked to the Lowry exhibition. The charcoal and pencil drawings the children produced the next day were amazing. Some children researched further and brought homework into school to show us. When I asked them what they liked best, they said Lowry’s drawings.’ Diana Schwanz – Arts Co-ordinator



"Needful Things" workshop with Oak Field and Sports College

January 21st 2012

 Photography by Emma Edwards (Profile Pictures)


•    Loved the senses aspects of performance including and allowing audience to take part very fun. Performers were focussed and enticed us in.
•    All the different sensations, sounds, movement, dance made me  feel extremely happy and elated. Well done !
•    Thanks for inviting us in ....for  moving and giving us colours and lights ...for helping us see and imagine and feel and laugh.
•    Very effective use of space created a great atmosphere that played on all the senses. Loved it !
•    Absolutely brilliant. There are not enough superlatives to describe the experience.
•    A really lovely event – very inspirational ! Full of imagination and great fun for everyone. ......we felt very privileged to see it. Thank you to everyone.
•    That was a wonderful experience. Very moving, surprising, gentle. Thank you.
•    Wow ! My emotions and thoughts are calm and reflective and senses dazzled. Thank you so much.
•    Absolutely beautiful – gentle, charming, enigmatic, utterly engaging for all ! Thank you.
•    I  loved it all, especially the sounds and the dancing !! Crazy but fantastic !
•    Excellent ! Wonderful – walked out with a big smile on my face and felt wonderfully calm. Thank you.


Lowry Project at Rampton Hospital

Jill Lewis, Technical Instructor in Art and Craft at Rampton Hospital, contacted Lakeside Arts Centre to see if there were ways in which the patients in this high security hospital could benefit from the exhibitions programme at a distance as they are unable to visit the galleries. The Lowry exhibition offered an excellent opportunity to begin this new partnership. Staff at Lakeside provided as many images and information as possible to the art group and one of the Learning Team’s Associate Artists, Rosny Hayward, led workshops at the Hospital. The imaginative images and poems you see here are the culmination of this project and all have been entered for the Koestler Award. Plans are already underway to involve the art group in next year’s exhibition programme at Lakeside.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.


Content he is on this walk,
Self convinced he’s in loyal company…
Man and mans best friend together.
Together in ideal motion…

A life lived outside reality,
His own comfortable world this is…
The friendless stranger,
Trapped on an infinite dog less walk…