Lakeside Arts

Workshops for Young People

Technical Theatre Workshop

Thursday 21 February 10am - 3.30pm
Performing Arts Studio
WORKSHOPS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE - Technical Theatre Workshop
For 13 – 16 years, unaccompanied by adults. For all Workshops please book at Box Office 0115 846 7777

Get involved in the technical side of theatre. To make 'good’ theatre ‘great’ it needs lighting, sound, props, design and a fantastic crew to create the right atmosphere. Working with professional technicians you will bring a short performance to life in the Performing Arts Studio at Lakeside. There will be
opportunities to work on the lighting desk, create a sound-track, dress a set and costume the performers. Guided by our
friendly staff you will learn your stage right from your stage left and how to make the most of a simple black box space. Please
bring a packed lunch.

April 2015