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Pipes, Pumps, Floods and Drains in The University of Nottingham’s Wate

Admission free
Friday 25 January - Sunday 19 May .
Weston Gallery
WATER! - Pipes, Pumps, Floods and Drains in The University of Nottingham’s Wate


Drought conditions or torrential rain affecting water supply always make headlines. Yet there is much more to the story of water. Our Victorian ancestors built an impressive network of pumping stations, water mains, reservoirs and sewerage pipes, much of which is still in use today, to improve sanitation and provide clean drinking water for all. Earlier generations cut drains to reclaim agricultural land, and built canals, weirs and locks to improve navigation. In the twentieth century, scientists and engineers worked to predict
floods and construct flood defences.

This exhibition focuses in particular on the city of Nottingham, and the work of the
various authorities and public bodies charged with providing reliable water supply, sewerage and water treatment, and flood prevention schemes. It draws on original archives and photographs held by the University’s Department of Manuscripts and Special Collections.

Lunchtime Talks
1 - 2pm
A series of talks will be held to accompany the exhibition. Places are limited so please book in advance with the Box Office on 0115 846 7777

Djanogly Theatre
Admission free
Thursday 7 February
Papplewick Pumping Station and Nottingham’s Water Supply
Papplewick Pumping Station is a restored gem of Victorian steam technology. Ashley Smart, its Museum Director, looks into the station’s role in bringing clean drinking water to the City of Nottingham.

Thursday 14 February
Global Water Stress, Climate Change and Uncertainty
1.2 billion people currently live in water scarce regions of the globe. How will this change in the future? How much is climate change to blame for water stress? And how certain can we be about projections of water stress for the coming decades? Dr Simon Gosling of the School of Geography
explores these questions within a
global context.

Wednesday 6 March
Water Journeys
Dr Rachel Gomes of the Faculty of
Engineering provides an introduction to the human interaction with the water cycle, and the treatment of used water. We are all water consumers but do we all know what happens to the water we use, and how does our behaviour as a water consumer impact on that water journey?

Wednesday 13 March
A Year Immersed in the Water Archives
Sarah Colborne, Project Archivist, gives a behind-the-scenes look at the work involved in making accessible the backlog of previously uncatalogued water records held by Manuscripts and Special Collections at the University of Nottingham.

April 2015


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