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Michelle Stuart

Drawn from Nature

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Saturday 16 February - Sunday 14 April .
Djanogly Art Gallery
MICHELLE STUART - Drawn from Nature
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11am - 5pm (Monday - Saturday)
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Michelle Stuart: Drawn from Nature is the first exhibition of the American artist’s work in the UK since her major solo show at London’s ICA in 1979. Since the late 1960s, Stuart has become internationally known for a rich and diverse body of work stemming from her lifelong interest in the natural world and the cosmos. Working in drawing, sculpture, photography, video, installation and site-specific earthworks, she has pursued a subtle and responsive dialogue with nature, distinct from the epic gestures of American Land Art.

Spanning the period from the late
1960s to the present day, the exhibition encompasses a characteristically varied and unconventional range of media, while highlighting Stuart’s major contribution to the practice of drawing. During the 1970s she became known for her monumental drawings made outdoors, where rolls of paper were smashed with rocks, stroked with earth, or rubbed with graphite until the characteristics of a given site became ingrained in their surfaces. At the Djanogly
Art Gallery, these expansive scrolls are shown alongside a video documenting a 460-foot long drawing produced in this way

Other works in the exhibition respond to the Nazca Lines, the Uffington White Horse and Mexican petroglyphs—pushing our understanding of drawing beyond the page. Expansive maps of real and imaginary landscapes form the backdrop to a selection of Stuart’s sculptural works and hand-made books, made with natural materials gathered on her travels. The exhibition concludes with Stuart’s recent photographic grids, expansive works which encapsulate the potent blend of
‘real history, imaginative history and natural history’ that has characterised her work for over forty years.

Curated for the Djanogly Art Gallery by Dr. Anna Lovatt, Lecturer in Modern and
Contemporary Art History at the University of Manchester

All images (c) Michelle Stuart. Courtesy of the artist and Leslie Tontonow Artworks + Projects


April 2015


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