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Part of 'Saturday Night and Sunday Morning'

Sunday 25 November 4am
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4AM PROJECT - Part of 'Saturday Night and Sunday Morning'
Photographers with mild insomnia and an eye for the unusual will have the unique opportunity to play their part in the Saturday Night and Sunday Morning exhibition by leaving the cosy confines of their beds to create an on-line photographic portrait of Nottingham at 4am.

Using Flickr, the 4am Project has been inspiring photographers from around the world, resulting in a global on-line community whose photos illustrate just how amazing our cities can be at night.

Led by photographer Karen Strunks, the project comes to Nottingham at 4am on Sunday 25 November. She invites photographers to join her in the city centre to capture the strange and wonderful life on the streets while most of us are asleep. For project information and updates, and to receive your invitation to join us, please
visit and follow @4amproject on Twitter.

Image: New York City © Karen Strunks

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March 2015


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