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The University is justly proud of its beautiful landscaped campuses.  Visitors are welcome to enjoy the gardens, walks and trees, and University Park has many areas of interest. In general, the park is in the English Landscape style, with rolling grassland, many trees, shrubs and water features.

The Lakeside walk is one of many options, although for years it was almost impossible to circumnavigate the lake. In 2002 the University worked in conjunction with Nottingham City Council to create the Lakeside Walk.

This circular walk extends for 1.25 miles, joining University Park with Highfields Park. It is navigable by wheelchair users for the entire length, although signs warn that some areas have inclines.

The path crosses low ground at the water’s edge, climbs over some cliff areas giving views of the lake, passes across the formal stone terrace in front of the Trent Building and then drops down underneath the sandstone cliffs, passing the caves and linking with Highfields Park paths by the Island. This formal city park also has many features of interest and in the summer boats are available for hire on the lake. The walk rejoins the University land at the D.H. Lawrence Pavilion.

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